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Vitalex Advance


Vitalex Advance

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VITALEX ADVANCE is an advance fat burner that come with 4 in 1 function namely Fat Burn, Detox, Meal Suppressor and Anti-Obesity. VITALEX ADVANCE had been enhance with Moro Orange (Morosil Extract) as a research proven Anti-Obesity active ingredient.

  • BURN FAT MORE EFFICIENTLY – Morosil (the active ingredient in VITALEX ADVANCE) can decrease the accumulation of fat in fat cells (adipocytes) which can help users lose excess pounds. It can also help reduce the accumulation of fat in areas like the waist and hips
  • MORO ORANGES – Features Moro blood oranges grown in a small area in eastern Sicily. VITALEX ADVANCE is meant to be used with sensible calorie intake and regular exercise
  • CLINICALLY TESTED FORUMLA – In a clinical study published in the Natural Product Research journal, 60 healthy adults were given either 400mg of Morosil or a placebo to take daily over 12 weeks. Participants who were given Morosil lost 7 pounds on average and had a 2.3in decline on their waistline
  • ATTACK THE SOURCE OF FAT – The active substances in the Moro Orange are able to affect the metabolism of adipocytes, the primary storage and accumulation of lipids during nutritional excess in the body