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Vital Mass - 1kg/2.2lbs


Vital Mass – 1kg/2.2lbs

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Product details of Mass Gainer Halal – Vital Mass 1kg/2.2lbs, 0g Sugar, with Whey Isolate & Tribulus – Fast Weight and Lean Muscle Gainer (Rich Chocolate) + 3-in-1 Pharmanutri Vital Whey Protein Shaker/Blender/Mixer 17oz/500ml (Black)

  • HALAL JAKIM Certified – MS1500:2009 1017-04/2018
  • Passed Halal Test – Porcine DNA Test / Lulus Ujian DNA Khinzir (Porcine) MS 2627:2017 (Jabatan Standard Malaysia)
  • Ultimate Nutrition For Lean Mass Gainer
  • No Side Effects / No Band Substance
  • Chocolate Flavour
  • 59g of an Ultra-Premium Whey Protein Formula for Use Anytime, Day or Night
  • 1kg, 10 servings (High Servings Per Tube)
  • 12g BCAA 2.1.1 (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine)
  • Enhanced with 5g Glutamine and 5g Creatine To Fuel Your Results
  • 0g Sugar per Serving
  • Low Saturated Fat. 1g per serving
  • High Calories Gainer at 1149 Calories
  • Gluten Free
  • Power with Tribulus as natural testosterone booster
  • With Green Tea and Green Coffee as energy booster and build lean mass
  • Suitable used as Supplement to Build Lean Muscle, Sport Recovery Drink, Weight Gainer, use during Sizing Stage.
  • Solid drink and great taste
  • 3-in-1 shaker with amazing black design and compartments for capsules, and powder.
  • 3-in-1 shaker features a compartment for your capsules and also for your powder (2 servings).
  • The most complete and convenient shaker you will ever find.
  • You only need to bring this bottle and everything you will need in the gym will be in your 3-in-1 shaker.
  • Enough to prepare protein shake up to 17Oz or 500ml.
  • A must have all in one gym assistant.